About Mindset Sports

Sports are meant to be for enjoyment and entertainment. Those of us who are passionate about sports know that without a healthy balance they can become more detrimental than enjoyable. We believe the spirit of competition is about people working together to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, we see a trend of focusing on results instead of focusing on the process of reaching those goals.  We understand that solely focusing on results leads to negative experiences and ultimately to failure.

At Mindset Sports we can minimize negative experiences, lessen the impact of failures, and develop confidence by empowering the MINDSET. Our goal is to enhance the positive impact sports can have on everyone involved. Athletes, coaches, parents, and organizational leaders can all learn and grow through the spirit of competition. We are here to ensure that those opportunities are not missed because of a MINDSET clouded by complacency, negative experiences, or an unhealthy culture.

We strive to improve performance and change lives through our core values: Faith, Commitment, Accountability, Belief, Confidence, Focus, Humility and Leadership. We believe it is unacceptable for anyone to miss the opportunity to enjoy growing through sports. We are here to make sure those opportunities are fulfilled by Instilling Belief, Empowering Confidence, Maximizing Potential, and Achieving Like Never Before.

Founder & Coach: Brad Dempsey (Coach D)

Sports have been a lifeline for me since I was a teenager. In 1995 at age thirteen I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a life-threatening car accident. I’ve spent the years since my accident learning to survive, thrive and overcome depression, anxiety, physical ailments and other challenges I’ve faced. What got me through it all? My heart for people and my passion for sports. Through my challenges there have been many hard lessons learned but every lesson learned has provided a new opportunity. Hence, Mindset Sports.

The Journey & the Why

When looking back on my journey I’ve often thought about what would have helped me through my post accident struggles as a teenager and young adult. Through my teenage years I saw counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. I spent a significant amount of time in the hospital and took an insane amount of medications that only made me feel worse. I went through all of this and never understood why I felt the way I did and didn't even feel better. It was super difficult to have a great life on the surface but consistently struggle both mentally & physically underneath the surface.

So... What would have helped me? It would have been someone that could have related to me through sports. Someone besides my parents to believe in and support me. Someone who could have taught me how every aspect of my life affects performance. Someone who could teach me how to approach believing in myself and having confidence. Someone who believed in me and could teach me about holding myself accountable instead of making excuses and pointing fingers. Someone that would have taught me that there is no easy and there are no quick fixes. Someone to tell me my failures & successes as an athlete didn't define who I was as a person.

I've created Mindset Sports to do just that. To teach and provide support to athletes, coaches and organizations by Empowering the MINDSET.

Life as an Educator

At age 24, I unconventionally fell into the field of education when I received a call from a friend about a teaching position in my hometown. I spent the next 12 years of my professional career serving in different roles: teacher, coach, athletic director and assistant principal. This is where I became known as "Coach D".

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach & coach students & athletes from kindergarten all the way to seniors in college. I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters of Education in Athletic Administration. While I’ve found these degrees helpful throughout my career, my experiences as an athlete, teacher, coach and administrator are what have blessed me with the knowledge & ability to Empower and successfully navigate athletes, coaches and organizations through the challenges they face.

Career as a Coach

I started coaching youth sports at the age of 16 and have spent my entire life playing, coaching or in a leadership position for youth and amateur sports. Throughout my career I’ve won and I’ve lost, I’ve failed and I’ve succeeded but I’ve never lost sight of what is most important: "Developing people through sports." I’ve been able to develop as a coach through positive coaching and champion of character programs. I’ve coached athletes that have achieved All-State, Academic All-State, All-American, Academic-All American and other awards. I’ve been a part of teams that have won championships and teams that have lost championships. Not one accomplishment of a player I coached or a team I was a part of is more important than my relationship with each individual athlete I’ve been blessed to coach. I truly believe in building relationships that last a lifetime and through Mindset Sports we will do just that. 

Joys in LIfe

If anyone ever asks me what my joys in life are; they are spending time with my wife Gala and three children Alice, Aubrie and Quinn, empowering others to be their best every single day and of course playing golf. My wife Gala has been my best friend since we started dating at 13 years old. Our oldest Alice is named after my late mother who passed away a few months after our wedding. My mother was my saving Grace. Without her I wouldn't be here today. The irony is she passed right when my life started to come together, right when we started a family and right when I started my first paid coaching job. We've all experienced how tough life can be. That is why it is more important than ever to find your gift and give it away every single day.