Brad Dempsey (Coach D)

2005: Bachelors of Science in Psychology

2009: Masters of Education in Athletic Administration

2007-2014: Teacher & Coach

2014-2019: Athletic/Activities Director, Assistant Principal & Coach

2019-Present: Consultant, Entrepreneur, Founder/Mindset & Performance Coach at Mindset Sports & Mindset Training Group

Coach D worked tirelessly throughout his years in education to provide young people opportunities to be successful. As a teacher and coach he has written curriculum, started new classes and built youth feeder programs. He also served as the president for the Central Missouri Parochial Athletic league for four years. During that time he restructured the league by writing the constitution & by-laws and took part in scheduling 8 different sports for 22 member schools. As both a head and assistant coach he has coached in numerous district and state playoff games while being a part of multiple championships and state trophy winning teams.

As a Athletic/Activities Director Coach D enjoyed building new programs and improving the programs already in place. He was a part of re-building the band and adding both bass fishing and trap shooting teams at his school. During his tenure as an AD his school won 31 district championships and 13 state trophies. Before leaving his AD position Coach D was a part of building a 13.1 million dollar athletic complex at his school.

In 2018 Coach D was given the "Outstanding Young Alumnus Award" from his alma matter Hannibal LaGrange University. The award was given to a graduate, who is age 35 or younger, for outstanding accomplishments in their profession, business, community, state or nation.

In 2019 Coach D left education on a mission to do more. He has relied on his experiences, his passion for people and for sports to help create Mindset Sports. His goal is to do everything humanly possible to make sports a positive experience for as many people as he can. He is embracing the challenge ahead of him and looking forward to continually building relationships that last a lifetime.

Elijah Mayfield (Mayf the Motivator)

2018 to Present:  Head Manager, Lincoln University Men’s Basketball & Football

2018 to Present: Member of the Missouri Governor’s Council on Disability

2021: Named “Manager of the Year” by Sports Locker Magazine

2016: Selected by the National Down Syndrome Society as “Self Advocate of the Year”

When he was in high school Mayf earned seven varsity letters as a sports manager, travelling with the football, basketball and baseball teams.  Currently, he just completed his fourth season as the head manager for the Lincoln University men’s basketball team.

Mayf began working in the Missouri Governor’s Office as a courier in 2014 and now, at age twenty-five, is working for his third Missouri governor.  He loves this job because he gets to deliver documents to other offices in the capitol and various state agencies.  He is very popular and well-known throughout the capitol by elected officials and their staffers.  

Because of his high visibility in the community, from working the sidelines at sporting events and often being mentioned in social media posts by high-ranking elected officials, Mayf has gained some national attention as well. In 2016, at age twenty, the National Down Syndrome Society selected him as their “Self Advocate of the Year” and he has travelled to Washington, DC to advocate on Capitol Hill on three occasions since then.  Speaking to and educating members of Congress about issues that are important to individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Mayf has an energy about him that is infectious.  When he interacts with others he has this light in his eyes that seems to come straight from his heart.  All kinds of people – whether they be high profile politicians, professional athletes, or custodial staff -- just seem to be drawn to him.  He has a sense of purity and honesty when he speaks that causes others to want to hear what he has to say.