Each athlete, family, coach, team & organization are 'Built Different'. This is why we use a fundamental 'Mindset First' approach in creating foundational coaching frameworks that lead to understanding mental freedom for individuals & facilitate positive culture for sports teams, families & organizations.
Fun, excitement, enjoyment & happiness are the emotions we set out to achieve through our sports journey. Unfortunately,  the complexity of the sports business 'The System' isn't set up to ensure positive experiences. What we've created is an opportunity to get back to the fundamentals of laying a strong foundation by teaching strategies & techniques to persevere through, learn from & overcome the complexities of 'The System'.
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A Mindset Coaching framework for youth athletes ages 8-12

A Mindset Coaching framework for teenage athletes ages 13-19

A Mindset Coaching framework for athletes overcoming injury 


“Coach D pushed me to do my very best in sports, school and life. He helped me build my confidence so that I was able to perform at the highest level on and off of the field. I can say with complete confidence that I would not be the person I am today without his guidance and coaching.”  

-Sarah Pierle-

“My life has forever been impacted by Coach D. The compassion, understanding, and support he showed during the most difficult time of my life motivated me to keep fighting and believe that I have what it takes to succeed in all I do. A phrase he often said was, “Have faith in the process,” and this continues to be helpful for me in all aspects of my life.  He helped me realize just how powerful I am, and that believing in myself, trusting others, and asking for help is the most courageous thing you can do.”

-Julie Harris-

“Simply put, Coach D is an incredible man. His genuineness, willingness to help others and drive cannot be matched. He has instilled confidence in me that has allowed me to reach goals I never could have imagined. Coach D thinks of others first and always makes sure his hard work benefits the greater good”

-Dalton Goser-